Campaign endorsement from Wegmans

Going Marlin Free Underscores Wegmans’ Company Values

Ranked #1 by Consumer Reports (May 2009) among the nation’s top 59 supermarkets, the Wegmans 72-store supermarket chain with stores located throughout New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia and Maryland, is revered for its customer service, high quality fresh produce and meats, and the cleanliness of its stores.

Founded in 1916, Wegmans is recognized as a leader throughout its industry, distinguished for its innovative approaches to customer service and delivering a unique customer experience. So it’s no wonder that Wegmans has published its Sustainable Seafood Sourcing Philosophy for public viewing. The philosophy, published in 2008 but followed for many years, is promoted at all Wegmans stores and on its website.  Wegmans also posts a chart of which items sold in its stores are certified sustainable and which are not sold due to sustainability concerns.

Wegmans whole-heartedly endorses the Take Marlin Off the Menu Campaign. It has been and will continue to remain Marlin-Free.

Supporting the Take Marlin Off the Menu Campaign is in keeping with Wegmans’ core values, which include: pursuing excellence in everything we do and making difference in every community we serve.

As a leader in the supermarket industry, Wegmans urges other supermarket chains to follow its lead in not selling marlin, and helping to raise awareness among consumers that marlin populations are in serious danger due to commercial overfishing.

“As an industry, we have a great deal of influence in what Americans eat,” says Carl Salamone, vice president of seafood. “Every day, in supermarkets across the country, consumers ask seafood professionals what’s great to eat. That’s when we can point consumers to fish and seafood that is flavorful and good for our environment. Because when the marlin are gone, we all lose.”

The International Game Fish Association and the National Coalition for Marine Conservation, the organizations that lead the Take Marlin Off the Menu Campaign, applaud Wegmans for its company-wide policy of refusing to sell marlin at its 72 stores. 


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National Coalition for Marine ConservationInternational Game Fish Association