Consumer campaign in Australia


The Take Marlin Off the Menu campaign has inspired a similar effort in Australia.  Fishing World, Australia's premier fishing magazine, announced on March 3rd that it has initiated its own version of Take Marlin Off the Menu “down under”.  According to the magazine’s web site, it was inspired by the success of the U.S. campaign, launched in 2008 by the International Game Fish Association (IGFA) and National Coalition for Marine Conservation (NCMC), in highlighting to the non-fishing public the importance of protecting these iconic fish. 

The Australian publication is urging its readers to contact restaurants that serve marlin in order to educate chefs and restaurants against using marlin on their menus.  “It is highly likely that striped marlin are currently overexploited and could potentially be driven to extinction by industrial fishing operations,” says Fishing World.  “(A restaurant’s) decision not to use marlin on (its) menu will hopefully reduce commercial pressure on these iconic pelagic predators.”

“We are excited that Take Marlin Off the Menu’s message is spreading, prompting similar consumer campaigns abroad,” says NCMC president Ken Hinman.  “The efforts of our friends in Australia to raise public awareness of the plight of billfish will help promote billfish conservation at international fishery management bodies in the Pacific, where currently no catch limits exist.”   

For more information, visit www.fishingworld.com.au/news/help-take-marlin-off-the-menu.


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